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Convert Length

Convert Imperial units to SI units

Meters m
Inches in
Feet ft

Yards yd
Miles mi
Nautical Miles nmi

Convert to common meter scales

From one MillimeterCentimeterMeterKilometer
Millimeter mm 1 0.1 0.001 0.000001
Centimeter cm 10 1 0.01 0.00001
Meter m 1000 100 1 0.001
Kilometer km 1000000 100000 1000 1
Inch in 25.4 2.54 0.0254 0.0000254
Feet ft 304.8 30.48 0.3048 0.0003048
Yard yd 914.4 91.44 0.9144 0.0009144
Mile mi 1609344 160934 1609.31.6093
Nautical Mile nmi1852000 185200 1852 1.852

Convert none Meter common scales

From one Inch Feet Yard Mile Nautical mile
Millimeter mm 0.03937 0.003281 0.0010936 0.0000006214 0.00000054
Centimeter cm 0.3937 0.03281 0.010936 0.000006214 0.0000054
Meter m 39.37 3.281 1.0936 0.0006214 0.00054
Kilometer km 39370 3281 1093.6 0.6214 0.54
Inch in 1 0.08333 0.02778 0.000015783 0.000013715
Feet ft 12 1 0.33333 0.0001894 0.00016458
Yard yd 36 3 1 0.0005682 0.0004937
Mile mi 63360 5280 1760 1 0.869
Nautical Mile nmi72913 6076 2025.4 1.1508 1

Convert none Meter units to and from Meter

From Unit name Unit symbol 1 unit is equal to1 M is equal to
Inch in 0.0254 m 39.3701 in
Foot ft 0.3048 m 3.28084 ft
Yard yd 0.9144 m 1.09361 yd
Fathoms 1.8288 m 0.546807
Rod 5.0292 m 0.198839
Mile mi 1609.34 m 0.000621371 mi
Nautical Mile nmi 1852 m 0.000539957

Meter or Metre?

Both Metre (British) and Meter (American) are representing the same size. Metre refer to an instrument that measuring meters.

Nanometers vs Millimicrons

Both are same size.

Micron vs Micrometer

Micron is a 1/1000000 metre, Micrometer is also a measurement device.

What is the E in a number?

The E-notation is a scientific representation of “× 10^²” meaning times ten raised to the power of negative or positive power.
Raising by Negative power we push the value to the right or the the decimal point by x positions.
Representing the number 0.0X | X*1 × 10⁻² | Xe-2 .
When raising by Positive power the power push the value X positions to the left of the decimal point.
Representing the number X00 | X*1 × 10² | Xe+2 .

Feet vs Foot?

Feet is the plural form of foot. Foot is the singular form of feet.

What is fathom?

It is a unit of length equal to 6 feet and 1.8288 m. used especially for measuring the depth of water. It is historically the most frequently employed maritime measure of depth in the English speaking world.

What is a nautical mile?

A nautical mile is one minute of earth latitude equal to 1852 metres.
Nauticals miles are used for air, marine, and space navigation.

Convert to International System of Units SI

Enter any Length in any scale and you will get conversion to all other scales instantly.

Short distance

Nanometers nm
Microns µm
Millimeters mm

Medium distance

Centimeters cm
Decimeters dm
Meters m

Long distance

Decameters dam
Hectometers hm
Kilometers km

Convert to Meter

From Unit name Unit symbol To Meter M
Yoctometer ym 1 x 10-24
Zeptometer zm 1 x 10-21
Attometer am 1 x 10-18
Femtometer fm 1 x 10-15
Picometer pm 1 x 10-12
Nanometer nm 1 x 10-9
Micrometer µm 1 x 10-6
Millimeter mm 0.001
Centimeter cm 0.01
Decimeter dm 0.1
Meter m 1
Decameter dam 10
Hectometerhm 100
Kilometer km 1,000
Megameter Mm 1 x 10+6
Gigameter Gm 1 x 10+9
Terameter Tm 1 x 10+12
Petameter Pm 1 x 10+15
Exameter Em 1 x 10+18
Zettameter Zm 1 x 10+21
Yottameter Ym 1 x 10+24

Convert Huge Length Units

Convert huge length scales instantly.

Meters m

Convert huge Length to meters

From Unit name Unit symbol To Meter M
Astronomical unit au 1.496+11
Light Year ly 9.461 10+15
Parsec pc 3.086 x 10+16
Lightyears ly 3.086 x 10+16
Kiloparsec kpc 3.086 x 10+22
Megaparsec Mpc 3.086 x 10+22
Gigaparsec Gpc 3.086 x 10+25

Convert biblical length units to Meter

Biblical NameEnglish name in inch in Meters
Etzba Agudal thumb-breadth 0.79–0.94 in 2.0–2.4 cm
Tefach hand-breadth 3.16–3.76 in 8.02–9.55 cm
Melo Heseiṭ distance between finger3.16–3.76 in 8.02–9.55 cm
Zeret span 9.48–11.28 n 24.08–28.65 cm
Amah cubit 18.96–22.56 in 48.16–57.30 cm
Ris stadium 421.3–501.3 ft 128.4–152.8 m
Mil mile 0.598–0.712 mi 912-1152 m
Parasa parasang 2.41–2.85 mi 3.87–4.58 km

Enter the biblical length in any scale and get and estimation of same value in other biblical scales.




Biblical length units conversion

Tefach Zeret Amah Kaneh Ris Mil Parasa
Etzba 4 12 24 144 4320 32400 129600
Tefach 1 3 6 36 1800 8100 32400
Zeret 1 2 12 360 2700 10800
Amah 1 6 180 1350 5400
Kaneh 1 30 225 900
Ris 1 7.5 30
Mil 1 4
Parasa 1

What is Mahalach Yom?

Mahalach Yom is the distance passed by one day of walk from dawn until it is completely dark

1 Mahalach Yom is 10 Parsah, 40 Mil, 300 Ris, 9000 Kaneh, 54,000 Amah, 108,000Zeret, 324,000 Tefach and 1,296,000 Eztba.

What is Parasa?

Parsa is a walking unit.on normal walk speed it takes 72–96 minutes to walk one parasa. The distance a man use to walk in one day at the biblical times is ten time parsa.

What is Mil?

Mil is approximately 1 Roman mile and known as 'Techum Shabbat' (the distance a Jewish allow to walk on Shabbat)

What is Ris?

Ris is the lenght of the Greek stadium

What is Kaneh?

Kanea is a lenght measurement unit for buildings.

What is Amah?

Amah is the length between the elbow to middle finge.

What is Zeret?

Zeret is the length between the thumb and the end of the little finger. This size also called 'Melo Heseiṭ'.

What is Tefach?

Tefach is the distance of a between the index and the middle fingers when held as far apart as possible.

What is Etzba?

Etzba is the basic unit, typically the width of the middle of the thumb, but can be the width of the middle finger or small finger.

Historical measurement units

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