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Convert Temperature

Type in a temperature using any scale and you will get conversion to all other scales instantly.


Conversion Formula

Convert From To Formula Example
Celsius to Kelvin T°C+273.15=TK 0°C+ 273.15=273.15K
Celsius to Fahrenheit (T°C ×9/5)+32=T°F (0°C×9/5)+32=32°F
Celsius to Rankine T°C×9/5+491.67=T°R 0°C×9/5+491.67=491.67°R
Kelvin to Celsius TK−273.15=T°C 0K−273.15=-273.1°C
Kelvin to Fahrenheit (TK−273.15)×9/5+32=T°F (0K−273.15)×9/5+32=-459.7°F
Kelvin to Rankine TK×9/5=T°R 0K×9/5=0°R
Fahrenheit to Celsius (T°F− 32)×5/9=T°C (32°F−32)×5/9=0°C
Fahrenheit to Kelvin (T°F−32)×5/9+273.15=TK (32°F−32)×5/9+273.15=273.15K
Fahrenheit to Rankine T°F+459.67=T°R 32°F+459.67=491.67°R
Rankine to Celsius (T°R−491.67)×5/9=T°C (1°R−491.67)×5/9=-272.6°C
Rankine to Kelvin T°R×5/9=TK 1°R×5/9=0.5556K
Rankine to Fahrenheit T°R−459.67=T°F 1°R−459.67=-458.7°F


symbol: °C
The freezing temperature of water creates the 0 of celsius degree mesurement 0℃.
and the boiling temperature of water creates the 100 of celsius degree mesurement ~100°C (exact temperature 99.9839 °C).
The Celsius scale is an interval system that follows a relative scale. Meaning the temperature interval between 20℃ to 30℃ and 30℃ to 40℃ is the same but 40℃ does not have twice the air heat energy of 20℃.


symbol: ℉
The freezing temperature of water messured to be 32 °F.
And the boiling temperature of water messured to be ~212°F (exact temperature 211.97102°F).
Fahrenheit is a thermodynamic temperature scale in which there are 180 degrees between boiling and freezing points of water. One Fahrenheit degree is 1/180 of the interval between the freezing point and the boiling point of water. A temperature difference of 1℉ is the equivalent of a temperature difference 0.556℃.


symbol: K
The freezing temperature of water messured to be 273.15 K And the boiling temperature of water messured to be 373.1339 K
Kelvin is used as International System of Units (SI), also it is used to measure of colors temperature where blue is clod and red is hot.


symbol: °R
The freezing temperature of water messured to be 491.67 °R.
And the boiling temperature of water messured to be 671.64102 °R.
Rankine scale consist of absolute zero that is the same as Kelvin and heat measurement is done using degrees Fahrenheit.

Mentionable Temperature Points

PointCelsius Kelvin Fahrenheit Rankine
Absolute zero−273.15 °C 0 K −459.67 °F 0 °R
Brine freez−17.78 °C 255.37 K 0 °F 459.67 °R
Water freez0 °C 273.15 K 32 °F 491.67 °R
Boiling point99.9839 °C 373.1339 K 211.97102 °F 671.64102 °R

Temperature Points Explanation

Absolute zero

The lowest limit of the thermodynamic temperature scale.

Brine freez

Highly saturated salt water solution.

Water freez

Temperature at which a water turns to a ice.

Boiling point

Temperature at which a water start to vaporate.

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